Friday, September 23, 2011

Fivebucks lover

Toddler has gotten into this whole Starbucks thing. Any time we go through the drive-thru all I hear from the third row is, "Cookie? Momma, I want a cookie, please?!" Of course, Daddy's cake pop will also do.

Infant is starting to allow other people to hold and entertain her. Note: you must be of the entertaining sort or she will come to the conclusion that Mommy needs to be found ASAP. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's have a picnic

This afternoon we returned from running errands and Toddler said, "C'mon, Daddy. Let's go to my room and have a picnic." So, there was a picnic. Many stuffed animals were in attendance. I heard it was a good time. 

Daddy ended up seating most of the guests. Puppy Puppet was the entertainer of the bunch.

This is where Dad resigns himself to the fact that Daddy's Girl is also a fan of picnics and, possibly, tea parties. Have fun with that one, Daddy! 

Infant's bath is a very good pirate ship. A hilarious one, at that.

Leave it to my kid to try and have a shower in the middle of Home Depot. Luckily, she didn't go down the toilet display aisle.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finders Eaters

Pretty certain the bread didn't come that way, unless the company has a large rodent problem. I seem to have a large Toddler problem. 

This is the face I get when I move further than the approved two foot radius from the Infant. It's like some sort of protective forcefield (or is it a black hole?) and once you move out of it, all is not well. 

Further proof that said forcefield exists. Once I moved back into its embrace, the Infant was, once again, at peace with the World. It's good to be informed of limitations. I'd hate to unwittingly put myself in danger of disappearing - or whatever else happens - when One leaves the protection for too long.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Solids

I decided it was possible to run to the bathroom during breakfast this morning, only to hear a notorious maniacal laugh coming from the kitchen. It could only mean on thing: disaster. 

I was correct. Infant turned five months old today (Happy Five Months!). Seems she was also introduced to her first solid food. Thank you, Toddler.  I do believe the American Academy of Pediatrics begs to differ.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Catch Up

Last week Toddler was hospitalized a couple days after petting a dog. She had a severe reaction which led to her airway swelling shut. 

 The hospital ward treated her very well. It'll be a few more days before her life is back to normal, but she's getting there. 

"Look, Momma! I shower. All clean." Well, at least she is not yet physically tall enough to actually turn on the shower. I'm guessing it won't be long before Miss figures out a way around that handicap. 

This is why Mom is in charge of hairstyles and not Dad. The vacuum is not an appropriate styling tool. I don't care what Papa says, it's not an all-purpose piece of equipment. 

I have two more thieves in my garden. Between my husband and the caterpillars, I am not sure how much longer I will have a dill supply. That plant is no longer with us.

Infant will be five months old this week. I can't seem to recall when the explosive diapers really stop, but right now it seems like a very distant future. You forget how much laundry goes along with something so tiny (and loud). 

The Opportunist, Toast. Toddler's car seat needed a thorough cleaning after her rush trip to the Emergency Room and all the ralphing that occurred on the way there. And now it needs a good lint brush to resolve that awful hairball problem. Oh, right, that's Toast sitting there.

Toddler Opportunist. Although, I suppose it is perfectly acceptable payback she uses something of the Feline Opportunists in order to gain her own achievements after what he did to her seat cover. One must say goodbye to the Piggies prior to leaving for evening Church services. Bless them.