Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nearly a year late(r)

Super long story somewhat shorter: Daddy returned to Afghanistan almost 7 months ago. Two weeks ago I took the landlocked, Colorado native duo to the beach for the very first time. Think the gremlins enjoyed it immensely. 

Dictator Baby is now Tyrannical Toddler. She wears the new hat well. Also thieves from the garbage can regularly, thus Mom implementing the haunting plea "stop eating out of the garbage!"

Daddy received a promotion. According to the Fivebucks Fan, Daddy is away "fighting the bad guys." We never told her that. They sure pick up on subtleties. 

Aforementioned Fivebucks Fan has really benefited from a warmer climate, where there are animals present instead of snow. I can't say that said animals have "benefited" exactly. Most were good sports.

The stray-that-stayed gets regular playtime with the girls. He's very patient. He also makes a good patient. And a good corpse to practice a chalk outline? 

Toast has no regard for his own safety. Nor does he get tired of being found or resort to doing cat-like things, like hiding under beds. I've quit feeling sorry on his behalf. He must prefer the attention. Suffer on, feline imbecile. 

We've had a number of water-filled days. Remember, toddlers need regular watering. Safety is no accident.

Tyrannical Toddler has been out of commission on and off for a few months with extremely high fevers of unknown origin. She's been fever free almost 7 weeks. 

Tomorrow will surely bring another morning, afternoon and possibly evening of cicada hunting adventures. Heaven forbid we somehow miss one. On that note, Mom should be well rested for the occasion. It won't be another year before next update. Hopefully. Probably not. Highly unlikely. This 8 ball is sleepy.

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