Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's have a picnic

This afternoon we returned from running errands and Toddler said, "C'mon, Daddy. Let's go to my room and have a picnic." So, there was a picnic. Many stuffed animals were in attendance. I heard it was a good time. 

Daddy ended up seating most of the guests. Puppy Puppet was the entertainer of the bunch.

This is where Dad resigns himself to the fact that Daddy's Girl is also a fan of picnics and, possibly, tea parties. Have fun with that one, Daddy! 

Infant's bath is a very good pirate ship. A hilarious one, at that.

Leave it to my kid to try and have a shower in the middle of Home Depot. Luckily, she didn't go down the toilet display aisle.  


  1. How cute! Toddler is definitely daddy's girl

  2. Just wait till K is older and they have him wearing little girly hats to the tea parties! (He will do it, too)