Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why we should listen

Toddler follows after Mom, in that she must learn things the hard way - even when properly forewarned. Countless times a day I hear myself mentioning "that's not a toy" but it appears that I am the only one whose ears that statement falls on with any comprehension or care. Oh, yes, she is fine. Damaged pride. Seth Rogen hair.

 Infant is coming along nicely with her developments. Unfortunately, she chooses to learn new things (see: how to roll over completely) at times such as 05:00. Then, of course, she has worked up an appetite and demands Mom's attention. What else would one expect of Four Months on Earth?

For the better part of the evening I could not figure out from where Goldfish kept appearing. Daddy's neglect to put them back in their original hiding spot, I note. No, it is not acceptable or condoned that Toddler stands on chairs. Toddler isn't even supposed to touch chairs. I imagine that's why she does it. 


  1. AH! I see the dictator baby has begun the process of morphing into Sneaky Toddler 2 and Toddler 1 is an Houdini when it comes to those pesky Goldfishes.

  2. Stace, i love your posts....they're always hilarious. Munch looks so guilty :)

  3. Glad you are following along, Cory! Miss you much. :)