Monday, August 22, 2011

Sisters aren't friends forever

"Oh! Hi, Mom! Did you hear my shouting, by chance?" Who didn't? Now that Infant has learned to roll she has also learned what it is like to be stuck...and helpless. Not that she wasn't helpless already. I think she quite enjoys that fact. I will give probiotics all the credit in the World for helping immensely with her colic.  

Judging by the amount of pure joy and enthusiasm that Toddler has when goes to fetch her sister, I cannot decide whether she is merely excited to see her or determined to taunt her. "Ha ha, you're stuck in a crib! How do you like jail, Gremlin?"  The latter makes the most sense.

I shall retain these photos for the sake of Evidence. Not that I don't already hear, "She's touching me! She kicked me!" and so forth, but this is for those lengthy car rides and arguments that can only happen between siblings. You did get along once. For a short period of time. And I liked it. 

Now that it has been documented that they could play nicely, let the hair-pulling commence.  

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