Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here Bunny

Toddler found her sister's "lovey" that is a bunny rabbit/blanket morphed child cuddle drool thing. She decided it needed to make nice with the chipmunk in the flower bed. It is also now sporting a very attractive shade of pink sidewalk chalk across its face - the bunny, that is. I'll sneak it inside and wash it in the morning.

 Infant has discovered Top Shot. She approves. Who could blame her? Beginning of the season. Lots going on. Although, I would prefer she discover a suitable bedtime. This evening was clearly payback for last night's 19:00 sleep coma. Oh well.

I kept blaming Toddler for messing around in the drapes. Guilty Toast isn't so fond of the flash. Honestly, I don't believe Innocent Toast would care for it either. The flash just seems un-cat-friendly all around. Pity. 

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